IoT Services

Accelerate solution deployment.

With Cirrusmio solutions you will see real results and exceptional ROI in record time.

The Vision Session

Facilitated by our IoT solution specialists and industry experts, our Vision Sessions are your chance to map out your business goals and dreams, and to learn what is possible for your organization. Many businesses are still trying to gain an understanding of the scope and value of IoT. In this whiteboarding session, our team works directly with your key stakeholders to outline how how IoT technologies can solve your specific challenges, along with a high-level view of the costs and ROI.

The Readiness Assessment

The Readiness Assessment is a multi-day to one-week service performed by our IoT solution specialists and engineers. This service provides an on-site evaluation of your systems, infrastructure, and processes to determine their capability and readiness for new IoT solutions. While it is primarily a technology assessment addressing current capabilities and capacity, the service also addresses high-level process and staff changes that may be necessary.

The Accelerated Prototype

Our Accelerated Prototype service combines a Vision Session with a Readiness Assessment and a Proof of Concept Prototype. Following the Vision Session, our specialists will join you in selecting a single IoT project that will address a specific business need. From there, our team will perform a Readiness Assessment to ensure compatibility. And finally, keeping long-term goals and objectives in the forefront, we will deploy the solution. This entire process – from concept to measurable results – is typically accomplished within 40 business days.

Cirrusmio IoT Platform

You have the smart device, we have the smart platform. The Cirrusmio IoT Platform leverages industry-proven cloud technologies to provide a fast, scalable, secure, and reliable backend your devices. From device registration and installation to bi-directional communication to meaningful analytics and reporting, Our IoT Platform is the complete package for getting all of your devices online as quickly as possible. Spend more time on making your device amazing by letting us handle the communication between your device and the cloud.

Framework for Future Success

All Cirrusmio services are based on a proven IoT methodology and delivered by our experts who partner with your team to ensure success.

Professional Services

Following the Prototype phase, Cirrusmio offers a range of ongoing Professional Services to advance your vision from concept to reality. Time to market is a critical success factor in the fast-paced era of IoT. Our services are designed to expedite your ROI and future proof your solution for long term scalability, security, and reliability.

Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) Service Model

Our service model and methodology includes agile application development to produce a minimal viable product (MVP) as quickly as possible. Our engineers collaborate with you to rapidly iterate the development life cycle and full product solution. Once deployed to production, we offer continued support, customization, and maintenance of your business logic and production cloud infrastructure.


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