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CIRRUSMIO Cloud Solutions

Collect, organize, and publish your content faster.

Power your enterprise content processing and delivery strategy with a CIRRUSMIO Cloud Solution. We architect for enterprise performance, design for the human touch, and iterate with speed and precision.

Automate workflows, control user permissions and entitlements, and deliver everywhere your users go with the freedom of the Cloud.

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CIRRUSMIO Internet of Things

Let your devices speak for themselves. With a CIRRUSMIO IoT Solution, your product becomes a participant in the Internet of Things.

Our Moonbase™ IoT Control Center is the communication hub for your entire product line. Our cloud-based solution can be customized to receive your realtime sensor telemetry, provide actuator work requests, and analyze and process the data from your fleet of devices and users.


At a glance, via web or mobile, your human force can see the entire state of your IoT ecosystem, design powerful automation rules and software agents, and subscribe to realtime event notifications.

Moonbase™ brings order to your sensor data so your organization can move faster and provide focused value for your customers.

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